Ambilobe PSC – offshore Madagascar

Large strategic footprint in East Africa.

Location: Offshore NW Madagascar, Indian Ocean

Area: 17,650 km2

Joint Venture: Pura Vida Energy NL (100%*)

Water Depth: 0 – 3,000 metres


The Ambilobe block is located in the offshore part of the Ambilobe Basin, north-west Madagascar covering an area of 17,650 km2.  Water depths across the block range from shoreline to 3,000 metres.  The Ambilobe PSC is in the third phase of the exploration period and, pursuant to the terms of PSC, the Company is required to relinquish a portion of the area currently covered by the PSC.

Pura Vida renegotiated the terms of the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with the Government of the Republic of Madagascar and OMNIS which increased the tenure remaining on the block to up to four years and reduced the Company’s potential liability in relation to the block.


Interpretation of the 3D seismic data acquired by Pura Vida has generated encouraging leads which includes structural traps with four way dip closure. Trap definition is considered robust with independent closures having areal extents ranging from 20km2 to 65km2 and vertical reliefs ranging from 400 metres to over 600 metres.

There has been limited exploration in the Ambilobe Basin and the offshore area remains largely untested. There are several onshore heavy oil discoveries in the Morondava Basin, southern Madagascar that are currently being developed.  Pura Vida made the strategic entry into the block based on compelling regional geology and 2D seismic data where oil seeps prove a working petroleum system and where effective source rocks, reservoirs and seals in combination with salt in the basin form large structural trends that provide the potential for a significant hydrocarbon province.

These fundamental elements have been correlated from the onshore part of the basin, where a recent coring program in the neighbouring block undertaken in late 2014 revealed Cretaceous and Jurassic oil bearing reservoirs. These reservoirs and identical stratigraphic intervals correlate offshore directly into the structural fairway that was the site of the 3D seismic program. Initial mapping of the new data has reaffirmed the presence of multiple leads within each of the extensive play fairways where there is significant upside potential, in the event that a discovery is made.

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